Ignore The Days
The Holy Strangers
Beneath the Rose
Yard of Blonde Girls- Video by Full Time Hobby

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I Lie To You

Ignore The Days
Find Your Way Out
Please Daddy, Don't Get Drunk This Christmas
What Does It Matter Now?
Walkin on Eggshells
The Days of My Youth
Wasted Days and Wasted Nights
500 Miles

At The British Broadcasting Corporation

Stand In My Way
I Still Remember
2's And 3's
Seven Horses Seen
God Is Good
Beneath the Rose
Take Off That Dress For Me
How Are You Just A Dream?
The Life, Living, Death And Dying, Of A Certain And Peculiar L.J. Nichols
Lover's Lane
Oh, Spaceman

The Holy Strangers

The Temptation
The Great Void
Lover's Lane
The Years Tire On
Oh, Spaceman
The Holy Strangers
Micah Book One
The War
The Darling
The Awakening
The Last Song
The Memorial Day Massacre
The Lady From Abilene
Come By Here


Full Performance (Live in the Warehouse)

Here's a brilliant performance, in our humble opinion, of Our Hinson and his genius violinist, Andrea. It was recorded at Audioglobe- a European Distribution House. Please support physical music. We must assume most people might just stick to digital, but there are hundreds and thousands of people working very hard to keep true physical music in print. It is for you, the public, and we hope you support it and not let Art backslide into a strange digital world. We hope you enjoy the performance. We thank Audioglobe for inviting Our Hinson and The Opera Circuit to perform for you.

Skateboard art

Our Hinson is beginning a small, hand painted, signed & numbered skateboard art collection in the coming months! Here is an example. If anyone would be interested in owning one, please get in contact, so we can gauge the interest! Our Hinson & Apparition Skate Co. out of Austin, TX is also doing a limited board run using his art. More to follow on that front.

Where it all began

where it all began... Manchester, UK, Egerton Road North, just around the way from Nibbles and King Bee Records...